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Lights for your Event

Intelligent  Light (Moving Head or Changing Color) 

Moving Head “Wash”

Washing Walls  with light in 1 or more colors 

For creating light moods according to your corporate color or to achieve a certain mood for your event or conference

Moving Head Spot ( Light with patterns) 

This is an Intelligent Light (Moving Head that can rotate 360 degrees and has several patterns in it that can shine in different colors. The pattern can be a shape or a logo.

Moving Head Beam 

Creates kind of 3D atmosphere, where your guests are surrounded in light beams

LED Par Cans (Always used to light up walls, trees, banners, and decoration)  This is a static light sued for your event and is a must.

LED Fixtures 

Like a Moving Head Wash but with more color possibilities. The Disadvantage of it is that the colors are kind of “cold colors”


With a Citycolor you can turn any building into the color you want. We use this fixture to light up various buildings in Cairo for “Day of Autism” or “World Day against Diabetes”

Profile Light 

Profile Light (is for lighting up speakers or objects or pictures ( any color) on stage and you can focus the light on a specific area or object.

Par Can 

Strong, Long-range, gets hot, hi-power consumption. Mainly used for lighting up small segments of Walls or Decor

Video Projection for Events

Video Projector and Media Servers for Content Management, they are used for Conferences, large and small projection and 3D Mapping.

Low power Projectors from 3000 – 10,000 Ansi Lumen for small conferences and projection area up to 6m width and 4 m height. These Projectors are for indoor use only.



Hi Power Projetors from 15.000 – 30.000 Ansi Lumen. Our main projector is Full HD 20,000 Barco Projectors with a Media Server. This way you can combine the projectors to display a very big picture or split the projectors in different sectors.

Media Servers are used in Events to manage the different displays and merge them together and make sure all inputs are used together and make the content look great together.

Video Projector for Conference