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Video Projection for Events

Video Projector and Media Servers for Content Management, they are used for Conferences, large and small projection and 3D Mapping.

Low power Projectors from 3000 – 10,000 Ansi Lumen for small conferences and projection area up to 6m width and 4 m height. These Projectors are for indoor use only.



Hi Power Projetors from 15.000 – 30.000 Ansi Lumen. Our main projector is Full HD 20,000 Barco Projectors with a Media Server. This way you can combine the projectors to display a very big picture or split the projectors in different sectors.

Media Servers are used in Events to manage the different displays and merge them together and make sure all inputs are used together and make the content look great together.

Video Projector for Conference


Kind of Laser shows

Logo Projection

Usually it is projecting logos on big Building and Architectural Structures

Usually this is for the whole night or several dates.

Almost any colored logo can be displayed (not a black Logo)

For this kind of projection, usually 1 or max 2 Lasers are used with software.

We need the logo in large format (1024 x 768) as JPG or PSD.

Any text can be displayed.

We need max 1 day preparation for this kind of projection and 220V @ 16 Amp electricity nearby the laser.

Graphic Show

Multicolor Laser projecting graphics and animation according to a storyboard all synchronized to music

Normally this show is for corporate events and uses 1 Laser for Graphics and 2 Lasrers for beams effect*1 in a room up to 250 people.

More than 250 people it is recommended to use 1 Laser for Graphics and 4 Lasers for beam effect.

*1 = this are shapes that we display including Waves, beams, triangles etc.

In a graphic show we create a story told in Laser graphics that is usually 3-6 minutes depending on the information you want to present to the viewers. The show is usally 3-6 minutes, then we project the logo and slogans during the rest of the day for the event if wanted.

Here we need the following:

Logos in large format (1024 x 768) as JPG or PSD


Objective of the Event

Objective of the Laser show

We will write together with all information we get from the client a storyboard.

This storyboard will be sent to the client for approval.

Once we get the approval we start programming the show.

Whenever we finish a part this part will be sent to the client so he know what he is getting.

Electricity: 220 @ 32Amp

Beam Show

Lasers doing aerial effects such as Tunnel, Wave etc.

Beam shows are usually done for the following reason